Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses


Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses

Services — Business Modeling

Clients often request our assistance with evaluating new business opportunities, or with evaluating options for modifying existing businesses. We create financial models designed so that you may easily fine-tune significant business variables and quickly evaluate the resulting overall business impact.

Rigorous Process

Business modeling is typically preceded by strategic planning, which many clients request our assistance with also. Whether or not you engage our team to assist with strategic planning, we will work with you to create revenue, expense, capital investment, personnel hiring, cash flow, cost/benefit and other financial models needed for you to properly evaluate your business options.

Intuitive Design

Our modeling is detailed, yet easy to understand. All variables, along with a brief description, will be listed at the top of your "live" spreadsheet models. This allows you to easily change one or more assumptions, and quickly see its impact on the bottom line. We will also provide a detailed written explanation of your models in a separate text document.

Scenario Analyses

Most of our clients appreciate the attention to detail as well as the intuitive design of our models, allowing them to evaluate alternative business scenarios with no additional assistance from us. Others value our assistance in helping to not only "run the numbers", but to also take a more holistic view of their business.

We would be pleased to provide whatever level of services you desire.

Budget Planning

Our interactive business models are typically used to prepare budgets as well as perform reliable cost/benefit analyses. These are designed to help you accurately evaluate short-term as well as long-range investment choices.

At your request, our financial analyses will be designed to conform with your internal reporting formats.

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