Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses


Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses

Services — Technology System Evaluation & Design

With a thorough understanding of your operational requirements, along with our reputation for economical solutions, we employ solid engineering skills to redesign existing facilities and/or design new technical facilities.

  1. >   Looking to move from SD to HD, or HD to UHD?
  2. >   Curious about how HDR, WCG or HFR might impact your operations?
  3. >   Evaluating what codecs to use for acquisition / production / distribution?
  4. >   Planning to produce / distribute 4K and/or 8K content?
  5. >   Trying to navigate the alphabet soup of distribution options — OTT, OTA, CTV, FAST, SVOD, AVOD, FVOD, NVOD, TVOD, IPTV?
  6. >   Wondering about live IP media production / distribution, or upgrading your media technology infrastructure to IP?
  7. >   Considering streaming media options, and would like assistance with:
  8. –   reducing latency?
  9. –   selecting codecs?
  10. –   choosing a player, customizing a player, or developing an app?
  11. –   evaluating cloud services, on-premise hosting, or a hybrid?

Our team can help navigate business, operations and technology choices associated with all of these, and more.

Based on Operational Requirements

Many clients seek our assistance with workflow planning and personnel organization designs prior to beginning engineering system designs.

We advise all clients that technology and system designs should be considered only when operational requirements are well defined, and workflow planning as well as personnel organization designs are optimized.

Conceptual Designs

Based upon your unique operational requirements, we will recommend specific technologies and develop conceptual designs for how these technologies will integrate into your facilities.

Our system designs are detailed block diagrams that are typically used by a systems integrator as a blueprint from which they develop detailed engineering drawings.

RFP — Request for Proposals

Our conceptual designs are also used in requests for proposals (RFPs) to equipment vendors and systems integrators. At your request, we can prepare RFPs for equipment purchases and/or integration services.

Coordination with Trades

Often during this conceptual design phase, clients ask us to provide information to architects, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and/or others involved in designing and constructing a new building or renovating existing spaces.

We are skilled at interfacing with these professional trades, and welcome the opportunity to guide them as they design and build / install infrastructure for your new or renovated facility.

System Integration

Following on the systems design process, our clients often seek assistance in selecting an integrator to implement those conceptual designs.

Whether or not we assist in the selection process, clients often ask us to work with the systems integrator to ensure that our conceptual designs are successfully implemented through the detailed engineering design process.

Detailed Designs

Upon request, we will provide detailed engineering designs, however it is our experience that systems integrators provide detailed engineering in a cost-effective package with their service offerings. In addition to being cost effective, this packaging of services is also synergistic, as the systems integrator will develop wiring diagrams and equipment layouts along with detailed engineering designs.

For those clients that will be utilizing a systems integrator, therefore, we typically recommend that detailed engineering design be included in the integrator's package.

Objective Review

It should be noted, however, that while there is wisdom in an integrator packaging detailed engineering with their service offerings, one must exercise caution to ensure there is no conflict of interest, and that the integrator is truly working in your best interest.

Systems integrators are often resellers of equipment that they recommend in their designs. They also often receive sales commissions from equipment manufacturers.

While this arrangement is often cost-effective, in some cases, it can result in a situation that does not serve your best interests. For this reason, many clients ask us to review equipment choices and other details to ensure there is an objective audit of the integrator's work.

We do not sell any products other than our consulting services. We also refuse offers of commissions from manufacturers who ask us to promote their products and solutions. Your needs are our only focus.

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