Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses


Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses

Services — Personnel Organization Planning & Design

Our personnel organization planning and design builds upon, and will integrate with your workflow plan. From our perspective, workflow planning and personnel organization planning go hand-in-glove. This is especially true when workflow plans indicate a change in operational processes.

Implementing any change in workflow will be much more effective if accompanied by organizational changes that reflect the new operational processes. At your request, we will provide a comprehensive personnel plan to support your operations workflow.

We typically divide personnel organization planning and design into three components; Organizational Designs, Job Descriptions and Hiring Plans.

Organizational Design

Our organizational plans carefully consider interactions among personnel, both within their own department as well as across all departments. We also consider potential interactions with personnel outside of your organization; such as with business partners or clients.

The goal is to create a holistic plan that weaves together the various functions of all personnel into a common team effort.

Job Descriptions

We will provide organizational charts as well as text to clearly explain all personnel interrelationships. We will also write individual job descriptions for all personnel identified in the organizational plan.

Job descriptions define responsibilities, all relevant job functions, relationships with other personnel, supervisory relationships, performance criteria, minimum required qualifications, among other details.

Hiring Plans

Some of our clients, especially those either starting a new venture or that are significantly modifying an existing business, ask us to provide hiring plans based upon our organizational recommendations. These plans include phased hiring strategies, where appropriate.

We also typically provide financial analysis of the hiring plan we recommend. This is especially helpful for strategic planning, where long-term hiring plans allow one to better structure cash flow and capital requirements.


Personnel recruiting is a logical next step after completing organization design and individual job descriptions. Apart from a few rare exceptions, we do not typically provide recruiting services, but would be pleased to assist you in working with one of our partners that does.

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