Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses


Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses

Services — Requirements Analysis

Businesses considering changes to existing operations or beginning new operations frequently seek our assistance. Our team will work with you to understand your overall business goals and strategies, and then convert those business goals into practical operational requirements. A requirements analysis is typically a prerequisite to planning new workflow processes, personnel organizational structures and/or engineering systems designs.

Correlated with Business Objectives

Performing a requirements analysis, also often referred to as a 'needs analysis', can be highly targeted to a small part of your business, such as post-production editing, on-air operations or field gathering. Alternatively, requirements analyses can be extremely broad in nature, potentially impacting all aspects of your business. In either case, our consultants will work with you and your team to define your requirements, while maintaining a clear perspective of your overall business goals.

Even when we are focusing on a small subset of your total operations, we believe it is important to keep your overall business objectives in focus. For this reason, we typically begin our requirements analyses by first understanding your business objectives and strategies.

Modifying Existing Businesses

For clients looking to make changes to their existing operations, we will typically interview key personnel, observe current operations, review engineering system documentation and generally immerse ourselves into your existing operations in an effort to understand how your business functions today. To ensure that we glean a global perspective of your operations, key personnel we are interested in interviewing extend beyond those associated with the operational area we are focusing on.

We approach existing businesses with respect for the fact that they are currently performing with a certain level of success. In our requirements analyses, we first work with you to understand and carefully document how current processes are succeeding. Only then can we begin to make recommendations for modifying your operations.

New Business Entities

For new ventures and for businesses looking to add new services to their existing operations, our consultants offer a wealth of experience for you to draw upon. We will begin our analysis by interviewing key personnel, typically those who can express the strategic business goals of the new operations. We would then look to understand how the new initiative fits into existing operations and/or how it interfaces with external third-party businesses.

Evaluating New Technologies

Some of our clients are satisfied with their existing operations, but want to take advantage of new technologies that have come to market. In these cases, we will work with you to identify how these technologies would integrate with your existing systems, and how these changes might impact existing operations. We can also perform cost-benefit analyses to help you ascertain the financial advantages or disadvantages of making an investment in those technologies.

Building Block

A requirements analysis is not an end to a process, but it is typically used as the foundation for workflow planning, personnel organization design and/or engineering systems design. We offer all of these additional services, and would be pleased to prepare a proposal for a package of services tailored to your specific interests.

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