Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses


Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses

Services — Operations Workflow Planning & Design

We help people interface with technology more effectively. Our intimate understanding of acquisition, production and distribution operations allows us to evaluate existing workflows or design systems for new operations that are consistent with your business goals.

Clear Vision

A prerequisite for successful workflow planning is a clearly defined set of business goals and objectives. These are typically defined through a requirements analysis or needs analysis. Many of our clients ask us for help in performing a requirements or needs analysis. Other clients already have a clear set of goals and objectives that we can use to form the foundation of our workflow analyses and planning.

Holistic Perspective

Our techniques for performing workflow analyses vary according to the operation being examined. Often, for existing businesses, we start with interviews and observations of current operations. For new businesses, we work with those who have a vision of their goals, and help bring that vision into clear focus for media acquisition, production and distribution operations.

In either case, we will take into account business goals, strategic plans, budget limitations and other variables while working with you and your team to identify workflow plans and designs tailored to your unique operation. Tools we use include process maps, petri nets, mesh and node analyses, among other techniques.

In the end, you will receive a detailed written description along with flow charts of our recommended workflows for each operational area. In addition, you will receive an overall workflow chart that shows how each operational area relates to the others in your organization.

Existing Operations

For clients with existing operations looking to analyze and possibly redesign workflow, we will work with you and your team to ensure that your goals are achieved with minimum disruption to your operations. We approach your existing operations with great respect, following the equivalent of the Hippocratic Oath; first do no harm.

Change Management

In many cases, we are able to achieve significant improvements in quality or efficiency with minor adjustments to existing operations. In other cases, more radical changes are appropriate. In either case, we can also assist with the change management process by offering strategies for implementing any operational modifications we recommend.

Operations Inform Organization and Technology Options

We understand and are well informed about the latest technologies. That said, we first focus on workflow requirements, and then recommend technology tools and system designs that enable people to efficiently perform the tasks we identify.

We pride ourselves on solutions that are based on sound business process and workflow analyses. We are unimpressed with "cool" technologies unless they fulfill a legitimate business goal.

Often, our workflow designs engender recommendations for changes in personnel organization plans, technology and/or system designs. Many clients ask for our assistance with these issues. At your request, we will work with you and your team to propose personnel organization structural modifications, recommend specific technologies and/or develop conceptual designs for how these technologies will integrate into your facilities.

Respectful Interactions

We are accustomed to working in both union and nonunion environments. Our consultants demonstrate respect towards all employees we encounter in the course of our work on-site. We are equally comfortable in the board room, edit room, classroom, laboratory, aboard ship, the office cubicle, master control room, a data center or any other venue in your operation.

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