Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses


Strategic Planning for Media Production and Distribution Businesses

Services — Project Administration

We have extensive experience managing large and small projects. At your request, we will interface with equipment providers, architects, mechanical engineers, wiring technicians, electricians, carpenters and other professional tradespeople to ensure your project is completed according to your specifications.

Our clients frequently ask us to provide project administration services as a follow-on from requirements analyses, operations workflow planning, personnel organization design and/or conceptual engineering system design. In these cases, we have a comprehensive understanding of the project scope of work.

We also provide project administration services where we have not been involved in the strategic planning and design work leading up to the project. In these cases, we will first work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your project's scope of work.

Vendor Role Coordination

With a firm understanding of the scope of work, we would begin our project administration effort with a critical review of each service provider’s role in the project. This is done to identify potential gaps or overlaps in responsibilities that we will help resolve at this early stage.

Progress Monitoring and Reporting

We would monitor your project from start to finish, ensuring that each subcontractor provides all deliverables they have committed to, within the timelines specified in the scope of work. You can think of us as your eyes and ears that are focused exclusively on your project. We will alert you to any deviations from the scope of work, including design changes, schedule delays, budget overruns and other similar details.

Change Order Management

It is our experience that as implementation progresses, projects are often modified from the original scope of work. We will monitor change order proposals from subcontractors and advise you about their potential impact on schedules and budgets.

Interface Control Documentation

At your request, we will manage interface control documentation (ICD) among/between service providers. Despite promises from equipment and software vendors about standards and protocols that make interfacing among different systems seamless, our experience is that integration can often be troublesome. Carefully defining each vendor's interfacing responsibilities makes it easier to resolve any integration challenges that may present themselves.

Document Management

Document coordination and distribution is another role we fulfill as part of project administration. We will maintain a complete record of all documents created and distributed in support of your project. In addition to maintaining this complete set of documentation, we will distribute documents to those who require them for review or meeting preparation.

Meeting Coordination

Meetings are often a necessary means of coordinating among the various subcontractors as well as for communications between you and the subcontractors. We will act as the single point of contact to coordinate these project meetings.

Master Project Schedule

It is often difficult to track scheduling interdependencies among various subcontractors. At your request, we will maintain a master project schedule that lists deliverables from all subcontractors, and tracks the dependencies and relationships among them.

Action Items

In any project, it is important to keep track of action items that have been assigned. We maintain a cumulative action item list that tracks all items, both resolved and unresolved. This provides an audit trail that is often useful as a project progresses.

Completion Tracking

Ultimately, you will be asked by various subcontractors to sign-off on accepting their work as completed. We will assist you with proof-of-performance evaluations and advise you about the status of a given subcontractor's fulfillment of their scope of work.

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